Become a Sponsor or Partner

Become a Sponsor or Partner with EChO!

At EChO, we value our sponsors and are always open to new partnerships.  We would not be able to fight childhood obesity without the generous support from our donors. Please contact us here if you would like to join our mission. 

Our Sponsors and Partners

Half of Gabby  
Core Power Yoga
This gym provides a wide variety of yoga classes and their website includes a blog that outlines yoga tips and principles. Core Power Yoga has promotedSugAR Poke through their amazing classes. Check out their website  here
Gabby writes a blog, called  Half of Gabby , that depicts her amazing story of healthy eating and weight loss. Her blog covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from nutritional tips to crafts for families. She also writes about fitness tips and gives motivational and inspirational posts and quotes. Gabby has helped to promote SugAR Poke and bring it to a larger audience! 
Pandora Augmented and Virutal Reality Technologies
Healthie- EHR & Telehealth for Nutritional Care
Healthie  is an all-in-one, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant EHR and Telehealth platform for nutrition professionals. It’s a one-stop shop for starting, running, and growing a practice or connecting with clients in an outpatient, community, or corporate wellness setting. Healthie was launched with the belief that nutrition professionals change patient lives, and our mission is to empower nutrition professionals with the specific tools they need to see patients and manage their careers to make nutritional care more accessible to Americans. Check out their blog here! 
Alper Guler and Team 

Alper and his team have played a central role in developing and creating our app. The  company  is based in both New York and Istanbul, Turkey. Alper and his team specialize in augmented reality, or AR, and are applying thistechnology to many different marketing projects. 
Preferred Meals
Sandi Schwartz
This company has generously supported "A Sweet Fairy Tale." They focus on creating nutritious school food menus and provide resources on healthy eating to kids, their parents, and administrators. Check out their page   here !
Happy Science Mom 

This blogger writes on a variety of topics regarding children, including nutrition, happiness, and creativity. Sandi has helped to promote SugAR Poke. Check out her blog  here !
Shelby Kinnaird


Diabetic Foodie 

The Facebook page,  Diabetic Foodie , created by Shelby, shows nutritional tips and healthy food from a diabetic perspective. Shelby has posted for SugAR Poke and we are grateful for her support. 
EatWell offers families  an easy, affordable way to cook a healthy and homemade dinner. They create meal kits that are available for pickup in food insecure neighborhoods. These $15 meal kits will help alleviate the burdens of high cost and inconvenience