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    The Front Label Act.  A clear label for added sugar. 
    Our children deserve to live a long and healthy life, unburdened by obesity.
    We, the people, can eradicate childhood obesity for all American children.

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Why label added sugar?

Current nutrition labels don't indicate which sugars have been added to the products. Thus, we often don't realize how much sugar we really are consuming.

Hidden & Added
Unlike what many expect, 50% of our added sugar consumption comes from savory foods , not sweets or beverages.
Added Sugar in Infant Formula
Some of the most popular infant formula products have less lactose and larger amounts of sugar - as much as 61 teaspoons in 1 box of formula.
Tricked by the Diets
Surprisingly, many gluten-free, fat-free, and organic products can have significantly more added sugar than the regular option.
A Public Health Emergency
Added sugar consumption is directly correlated with  heart disease , obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.
Sources: American Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics; Journal of the American Medical Association; Photo by Flickr User John Liu 

A new front label that tells the truth.